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Coleccion De Cuentos Para Niños De 2 Años

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Snuggle up to your favorite nursery rhymes and drift into the magical worlds of all your most beloved fairytale characters with this unique collection of enchanting stories carefully selected to enthrall 2-year-olds. Enjoy the classic tales of The Three Little Pigs and Goldilocks along with exciting new stories and rhymes in this sturdy collectible format filled with playful illustrations your toddler will adore. A perfect book to celebrate your favorite 2-year-old! Short, easy-to-read stories ideal for capturing the attention of toddlers Playful illustrations fill every page perfect for keeping toddlers entertained and engaged Includes 10 classic stories, fairy tales, and rhymes designed to delight your little one during storytime Wonderful gift for any occasion: birthdays, holidays, and more! Collect the series for every milestone! Ages 2-5 available! This edition is printed in Spanish



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