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Informed that snow is comingWhite and wet and cold and softyoung Squirrel vows not to miss this new experience. Fearful that he may fall asleep while waiting, he and his friends try exercise and singing; finally, they set off in search of the elusive white stuff, mistakenly imagining the forest covered with discarded toothbrushes, old tin cans, and abandoned socks. At long last the predicted precipitation arrives, blanketing the forest in a luscious whiteness that enables Squirrel and his friends to construct a snowman. Meschenmosers sketch-pad colored-pencil artwork features mostly browns and grays until a wash of blue is added along with the arrival of snow. Squirrels impatient and exuberant personality is naturally well suited to young listeners, who will giggle appreciatively as he rushes frenetically from branch to branch. A great story hour choice (especially for preschoolers who dont remember snow from the previous year); pair with Bernette Fords First Snow (2005). Preschool-Grade 2. --Kay Weisman

Sebastian Meschenmoser

Fondo De Cultura Economica

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